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Culture meets Digital: Strong through digital Education and Culture

The project "Culture Meets Digital: Strong through Digital Education and Culture" enables socially and educationally disadvantaged children and adolescents aged 6 to 18 years to experience and design cultural works using digital media. In small groups, participants have the opportunity to try out the creative use of digital media and to deal with cultural offers.

A two-stage measure format was developed for the project: the one-day "Digital Orientation Course" provides the children and young people with basic experiences about the possibilities of digital media through the four stations "Digital Sound", "Digital Technology", "Digital Language" and "Digital Reality". In the subsequent "creative media-practical project", which can be carried out in different time windows, the participants implement their own project ideas, which are based on the orientation course, under the guidance of a media educator.

For its implementation, the Foundation cooperates with at least two local partners as an Alliance for Education. These partners may be family, recreational or youth facilities as well as cultural institutions or volunteer agencies.

The call for expressions of interest in funding has started at the beginning of May 2018.

Role of the Digital Opportunities Foundation

The Digital Opportunities Foundation is a programme partner (initiative) in the funding programme "Culture makes strong: Alliances for Education" and is responsible for the overall coordination and implementation of the project. In each local Alliance for Education, the foundation acts as co-organiser of the requested measures, is involved as coordinator and lead partner on-site and takes over the professional-administrative supervision of the measures.

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