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All Digital Summit: 10 years anniversary

Katrin Schuberth, Stiftung Digitale Chancen

All Digital feiert 10-Jähriges (deutsche Version des Artikels)

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From the 4th to the 5th of October 2017 around 200 leaders from European NGOs supporting digital inclusion as well as digital competence centres were exchanging their ideas and widening their knowledge about providing digital projects, courses or services to society. The All Digital Summit took place in the Caixa Forum in Barcelona were representatives from 91 organisations exchanged their approaches on promoting digital competences to children, youth, migrants, elderly, refugees, socially disadvantaged people etc.

Various speakers gave an overview of innovative solutions to enhance digital competences to different target groups. For example the consultant Dr. Doug Belshaw introduced the idea of decentralizing online services in order to act more independently from established providers as Google, Facebook and Co. He presented the idea of open badges which gives training providers the possibility to certify the qualification participants achieve when taking part in trainings. Furthermore, Ismael Peña-López, lecturer at the Open University Catalonia, gave a scientific insight view of how citizens empower themselves to become active in a digitalised society.

In five thematic focus groups the participants of the conference were invited to discuss with the board of All Digital about different strategic priorities of the network: Employability, Basic skills, Digital media literacy, Coding, STEAM. The foundation’s Project Manager Nenja Wolbers led the focus group on digital media literacy in her role as member of the All Digital board.

The European project Seniors@DigiWorld coordinated by the Digital Opportunities Foundation was introduced at the conference’s Lightning Talk. The Project Manager Katrin Schuberth presented the project aims to develop a multiplier training which supports them in motivating senior citizens to use a tablet Pc.

Additionally the All Digital Award honoured the achievements of individuals and organisations across Europe that enable people to exploit the benefits and opportunities created by the digital transformation. In four categories the following winners were awarded:

Through networking and meeting at the annual All Digital Summit participants can improve local activities. They got inspirited by the work of other digital competence centres and are therefore inspired and better equipped to empower all members of the European society in using technologies and digital devices as well as being creative with digital media.

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